WP Commission for WordPress

Simple, performant, and powerful

WP Commission is a WordPress plugin targeted at Amazon Associates Program users. If your website recommends books, movies, music, electronics, or any other product, WP Commission can help to maximize your revenue.

Why’d we make this?

The Amazon Associates Program lets independent editors and writers earn revenue by building trust and recommending products. As Associates Program users ourselves, we want to make every posted link and ringing endorsement count.

Our Wordpress Plugin makes sure that all amazon.com and amzn.to links on your site are automatically tagged with your Affiliate ID (even links in comments!).

We also give you a single shortcode — [wpcommission] — for adding beautiful carousels containing Amazon products from posts on your WordPress site. Perfect for a home page eye-catcher.

Check out our case studies about how publishers leverage brand equity to maximize affiliate revenue.

Why a paid plugin?

We're skeptical of subscription services, too. But we built WP Commission to be simple and powerful. And much of that power comes from our hosted service, which does the tough querying work of finding products buried in your archives or comments. We then fetch the latest SKU, price, and linking data from Amazon, and couple this data with beautiful high-DPI product images that work on the latest iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop devices.

Our robust backend service means your WordPress runs clean, lean, and fast–and it also means that you’re maximizing your Amazon Associates revenue.

Revenue boost

Advertising commissions paid under the Amazon Associates program can range up to 8%, and vary by season, product category, special offers, and cookie persistence rules. And while finding products to write about is easy, sometimes correctly formatting links can prove a burden.

WP Commission's link tagging technology ensures that every single Amazon link on your site can earn you revenue — across all of your content, both old and new.

Note that WP Commission does not establish an account with the Amazon Associates program. If you haven't already done that, do so here.

Praise for WP Commission

Several prominent writers and bloggers received a pre-release copy of WP Commission for evaluation and feedback. Here is what they said.