WP Commission Features

Simple to use but extremely powerful, the WP Commission WordPress Plugin enables your website to make the most of the Amazon Associates Program.

WPC is designed to perform a small number of tasks extremely well: namely, making sure every amazon.com and amzn.to link on your site are tagged with your Amazon Affiliate ID; and effortlessly creating beautiful carousels from Amazon products already linked on your site (like the one below). To make a carousel, just add a single shortcode: [wpcommission]. It's that easy.

Key Features

Autopilot product linking — Stop wasting time with cumbersome link builders. Your editors can copy and paste any Amazon URL from anywhere and it will automatically be properly reformatted and tagged with your Affiliate ID. We’ll fetch the appropriate metadata about the product, too.

Retina product images — WP Commission talks continuously to Amazon servers, fetching the newest and highest-resolution imagery for each product linked on your site. When your readers see products on your site, they’ll be fresh and relevant, increasing click-through and resultant affiliate revenue.

Clean WordPress widgets — Out of the box, WP Commission includes robust, Retina- and touch-capable carousels to highlight your product recommendations. Include the carousels anywhere in WordPress, including in posts, pages, templates, and widgets. WP Commission carousels don’t break your code, don’t block your site’s hard-earned speed, aren’t affected by ad blockers, and do not require questionable third-party JavaScript tags on your site. We employ good technical hygiene at all stages.

Lean and fast-loading — The most computationally intensive work performed by WP Commission includes scanning your posts, extracting all relevant product data, and doing complex database queries to generate the right products and images for your WordPress carousels. All of this is handled by WP Commission in Google datacenters strategically located around the world. That means WP Commissions does not exert additional load upon your server or cloud account.

Questions? We'd love to hear from you: sku@wpcommission.com