Here we outline how to use the WPC plugin. As always, please feel to reach out via email with any questions if we can improve this documentation.

Getting started

After installing the WPC WordPress Plugin and purchasing a WPC License, follow the steps below to get up and running in just a couple minutes.

Adding an Amazon Affiliate ID

In order to tag your Amazon links to maximize revenue, you need to provide WPC with an Affiliate ID. You can add an Affiliate ID from the account page.

Enabling the plugin

The next step after plugin installation is to tell the plugin your WPC license key. This lets the plugin talk to our WordPress server so we can start to tag affiliate links and pull high-resolution product pictures for you. Immediately after plugin installation, head to the License page and copy the License Key to your clipboard.

Then, navigate to the WP Commission page in your WordPress admin console. You should see a text box waiting for a WPC License Key:

Enter your WPC license key from earlier to activate the plugin.

Almost done! Next, head back to the License page and enter your site's URL. This lets WPC's servers know which sites they can expect web traffic from. While you're there, you can select an Affiliate ID from the previous step to associate with your site. The Affiliate ID that you pick on the License page is the Affiliate ID which will be inserted into all Amazon links on your site.

Congrats! Now, all Amazon links on your site will be tagged automatically.

Next Steps

Including a carousel

To include a WP Commission carousel of pinned and recently-mentioned items, use the following shortcode in a page or post: [wpcommission].

A carousel can include a limit parameter like so: [wpcommission limit=15]. The default limit is 10. An example carousel looks like this:

Syncing posts

A carousel by default shows the 10 most recently mentioned Amazon items from your WordPress site. In order for WPC to know which products to show in carousels, we recommend that you sync your Amazon links to us. Syncing will extract Amazon links from each post and send the links to WPC's servers so that WPC can fetch the Amazon items mentioned in the post. Those Amazon items can then be displayed in carousels.

To sync, navigate to the WP Commission settings page on your WordPress console and press the Sync button.

Syncing does not store your post content on our servers; it only stores which posts link to which Amazon items. The reason we store that information is to allow filtering on different post types in carousels (documentation coming soon).

Extra topics

Disabling WP Commission link rewriting on a page

One may wish to disable automatic link tagging so as to avoid Amazon TOS violations. In order to disable link tagging for a page, include anywhere on the page the shortcode [wpcommission-no-rewrite].

Manually setting the size of a carousel

Carousels by default focus on even and predictable width of images. If you have images of many different heights, you may wish to standardize the height and let width vary based on dimensions of the image. To do so, simply include a height parameter (designated in pixels) in the shortcode. For example: [wpcommission height=180] sets the carousel to be 180px tall.

An example use case. This carousel, [wpcommission], has items of different heights:

This carousel, [wpcommission height=180], has all items the same height. Note that the items now have different widths and thus may only be partially visible at a time.